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10 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

We love celebrating birthdays. Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to celebrate birthdays? While birthdays remind us that we are getting a bit older (and hopefully wiser), they are worthwhile celebrating especially the “big ones”. They give us the opportunity to catch up with friends, family and of course, flatmates. Birthdays are about having fun with plenty of laughter, reminiscing about the past and helping make sure that the next year in the best one yet.

To help you make sure your next birthday is unforgettable (for the right reasons) we’ve come up with some ideas to get you started. Regardless of your budget or how busy your schedule, we’ve got something for everyone.

1. Bowl the Night Away
Tenpin bowling is a great way to celebrate when you need to work the next day or are looking for a child-friendly party idea. Zone Bowling has centres throughout Australia with plenty of party packages and specials. Barefoot bowls are a fun alternative for a Saturday night get-together. Most local lawn bowl clubs have day and night party packages.

2. Pedal to the Metal with Go Karting
If you’re looking for excitement and adventure with a bit of danger, go karting has to be on your list. It will get your heart racing, adrenaline pumping and a birthday you’ll talk about for years.

3. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping Even More!
From skydiving to zip lining and canyoning, Australia is made for outdoor adventures that will make your birthday unforgettable. Red Balloon can help you find the right adventure for you and your friends.

flatmate birthday spa

4. Pamper Yourself
Relax, unwind and indulge with a day spa. Whether you need some “me time” or invite your BBF along, treating yourself can help you kick-start your new birthday year.

5. Go Ballooning!
Give yourself the perfect start to your birthday by floating across the sky. Even if you’re not an early riser, it’s truly an amazing experience and a definite must-do on a milestone birthday.

6. Throw a Theme Party
Let your imagine run wild and throw a party to remember. Some ideas include The Great Gatsby, Back to The 80s, Moustache Party and 7 Deadly Sins. Drop into your local Spotlight store for all of your party essentials.

7. Host a Games Night
Grab some board games, friends and pizza and you’ll have a fun-filled birthday you won’t forget. Games nights are easy to organise, inexpensive and a great way to celebrate when your birthday falls on a weeknight or you need an early night. Just remember, games don’t need to be boring!!

flatmate birthday bbq

8. BBQ Anyone?
Nothing beats inviting your friends and flatmates for a BBQ. Relaxing, catching up and even a game of cricket in the summer are why celebrating birthdays with a Barbie make our list.

9. Tick off Your Bucket List
Celebrate your next milestone birthday by ticking a must-do item off your bucket list. Don’t think just any old item will do, think big and you’ll surely have a birthday you’ll remember forever.

10. Organise a Potluck Feast
Enjoy a casual get-together where everyone brings a plate and unwinds for the afternoon or night. We think it’s a great “at-home” birthday option that won’t break the bank for you or your guests.

We hope our list has inspired you. However you choose to celebrate, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

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