Flatwithme.com.au is a share accommodation website that makes finding and living with the right flatmate, share house or flatshare easier and more enjoyable. Whether you're looking to place a flatmate advertisement or seeking great share accommodation resources and advice, Flatwithme.com.au is the website for you. We've even been asked by Channel Seven's Sunrise program, Men's Health magazine and The Daily Telegraph's Home Magazine to provide their viewers and readers with practical flatmate tips and advice to get them on track.

Finding Your Perfect Flatmate Or Share House

Flatwithme.com.au is all about bringing people together and letting you find your perfect flatmate, flatshare or share house. It's as easy as placing your own share accommodation advertisement or responding to existing flatmate listings, just like when looking for a flatmate in the local paper. Advertisers control the content and formatting of their share accommodation listings including uploading photos and videos while visitors can reply to and share their favourite flatmate ads on social media or add them to their shortlist.

Giving Flatmates Peace of Mind

To ensure that we provide you with a safe and secure environment while looking for share accommodation, Flatwithme.com.au uses the latest available technology. Personal information which you enter into our forms are secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts your sensitive information as it travels back and forth between you and Flatwithme.com.au on the Internet. All transactions are processed through the Eway payment gateway meaning that credit card processing is completed in a secure SSL environment within a few seconds and cannot be accessed by outside individuals. SSL technology is utilised by all reputable Internet retailers/e-commerce sites and provides the safest and most secure Internet experience. You can verify Flatwithme.com.au's and Eway's SSL certificate by clicking on the lock at the top or bottom of your browser on secure pages.

To help people concerned about privacy and combat share accommodation scams, Flatwithme.com.au has put in place a number of measures. These include:

Share Accommodation Resource Library

Our extensive Resource Library gives you access to practical advice and resources to help you find the right flatmate and create a great share house. When visiting our Library you'll find specially designed share accommodation calculators, flatmate questionnaires and over 25 articles filled with practical share accommodation tips and hints.

Where To Find Us On The Web

Finding Flatwithme.com.au on the web has never been as simple as now. You can follow our tweets on Twitter, read our posts on Facebook and Google+ or repin our pins on Pinterest. So, whether you're looking for great flatmate tips, the latest news or updates, make sure you visit us wherever you see us on the web!

Our Company

Flatwithme.com.au is an Australian company dedicated to helping people find and live with their perfect flatmate. For further assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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