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Redeeming your coupon is easy! You can use it to find a flatmate, rent a room or set up a share house. It’s up to you. To receive your free share accommodation listing, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to our Place an Ad page.  Create your account by entering your details and continue onto the next page where you can design your advert.
  2. Design your flatmate advertisement and once you are happy with your listing, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. At the bottom, when you have reached the “Redeem Coupon” dropdown box, select the “Yes” option. A “Coupon Code” box will appear beneath and this is where you enter the special code you found on your coupon. If the code you have entered is incorrect, you will be asked to enter a valid code. Once you have entered the correct code, simply press the “Place Your Ad” button to ensure your share accommodation listing is processed and listed on the website.

This special offer to receive a free flatmate listing won’t be available for long. The code is only valid to the end of June, so place your share listing today and don’t forget to pass it on to your friends and family who are also looking for a new flatmate or room to rent.


Spring Cleaning Your Share House The Easy Way!

cleaning broomSummer might be just around the corner, but there’s plenty of time left to give your apartment or house its annual spring clean. While cleaning may not be the way you and your flatmates may want to spend a weekend, it’s a great chance to get rid of all your unwanted stuff and give your share house a fresh, ready-for-summer feel. Working together, your share house can be cleaned and tidied quickly with results that can last for months. To help you and your flatmates get started with your spring clean, we’ve put together these 5 steps:

  1. Set a Date and Time

Deciding together as a group the best time to complete spring cleaning will help your share house choose a weekend that is suitable for each flatmate. It lets everyone check their diary or work schedule to make sure that they are available and there aren’t any clashes with existing commitments.  Once a decision is made, your share house may like to put a written reminder on the fridge or alternatively mark the date on a calendar that everyone can see.

2. Decide and Assign Tasks

An important part of making your spring clean a success is deciding which jobs need to be completed during the designated weekend. Once a jobs list has been written, it’s a good idea to assign each task to a flatmate. Ideally, each flatmate should be allowed to choose the chore that they would prefer to complete. This can help the weekend run more smoothly and spring cleaning can be completed efficiently. To find out more about assigning jobs, you may like to read our article about household chores.

3. Organise Cleaning Suppliescleaning bottles

Before your chosen weekend, your share house should ensure that it has enough cleaning supplies including sponges. Your share house doesn’t need to buy expensive detergents and cleaners as these can easily be made from common pantry items like vinegar and baking soda. Here some home cleaning recipes that you can make yourself:

Body+soul – Make your own home cleaners

Kidspot – Eco power: 7 ingredients to transform your cleaning bills

4. Create a Positive Vibe

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be all work and no play. Creating a fun atmosphere can help unpleasant jobs seem not so bad and make the day go faster. Your share house can create a positive working environment by playing some music, sharing past experiences or catching up with each others’ lives while working.

5. Celebrate Crossing the Finishing Line

Taking time out to relax and unwind is just as important as completing the spring clean itself. It gives flatmates the chance to see what they have achieved and feel a sense of accomplishment. Your share house can celebrate by holding a BBQ, having a cake or sharing some nibblies. The choice is yours.

cleaning glovesWhile spring cleaning is hard work and time-consuming, it can help your share house get ready for the next year. It provides the opportunity to give your house or apartment a fresh feeling and a more positive vibe. Just remember, by working together, your share house can also reap the rewards of an annual spring clean.

Share Accommodation Newsletters

share accommodation newsletters mobile friendlyWe are proud to announce that our share accommodation newsletters can now be viewed across all devices – mobile, tablet and computer. Each newsletter is focused on one topic area related to finding or living with flatmates. Our share accommodation newsletters let readers access valuable resources and information about:

  • Finding and choosing flatmates
  • Flatmate finances and budgeting
  • Share house advertisements
  • Solving disputes between flatmates
  • Day-to-day living with flatmates
  • Moving in and out of share accommodation

Each newsletter also gives readers the opportunity to voice their opinions by taking part in our exclusive polls related to that newsletter. In addition, readers will find:

  • Links to relevant  share accommodation articles and resources
  • Exclusive tips  that can only be found in our newsletters
  • Answers to commonly asked question or problems

We hope that visitors continue to find our share accommodation newsletters an invaluable resource when living and looking for flatmates.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2015

We hope you and your flatmates have a great Halloween!

While Halloween isn’t widely celebrated in Australia, here are 3 ideas to help your share house get into the spirit. Celebrate by:

  1. Holding your own Halloween party
  2. Have a bowl of lollies ready for kids coming by trick and treating
  3. Watch a classic horror flick like Scream or A Nightmare on Elm Street with friends and flatmates

No matter which idea you choose, we’re sure your share house will have a great time!

Celebrate Our New Website Design!

flatmate advertisement coupon

Help us celebrate our new-look website! To get the party started we’re giving away online coupons that let you place your flatmate listing for FREE. Simply type in the code when prompted when setting up your ad. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

Our new design makes it easy to find flatmates on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile. When visiting our site, you’ll find a brand new:

  • Horizontal navigation menu that expands across the top of screen no matter the size of your desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Toggle menu that you can expand or hide when using our site through your mobile phone
  • Large and easy-to-use search box on our homepage
  • Login/out function that lets you manage your account straight from the navigation/toggle menu on every page

We’ve kept all of the features that make finding and living with flatmates easier. You can still:

  • Take advantage of our extensive share accommodation resource library that includes articles, questionnaires and calculators
  • Add your  favourite flatmate listings to your personal shortlist
  • Feature upto 5 photos and your own video on your share listing
  • Scan the personalised QR codes found on each flatmate ad
  • Search advertisements without having to login, sign up or become a member

Start celebrating with us today. Just remember to bring your coupon to get your free flatmate ad!

Happy St Patrick’s Day – 5 Great Ways to Celebrate with Your Flatmates

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACelebrate and get into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day with these 5 fun ways to bring the luck of the Irish into your share house.

1.   Visit Your Local Irish Pub

Take part in St Patrick’s Day festivities by heading down to your nearest Irish pub and sampling some Guinness or Corned Beef. It’s a great way to have a night out with flatmates. Just Google “Irish Pub” to find the nearest one to you. Continue reading

Choosing Flatmates – 5 Essential Ingredients for University Students

female-flatmatesYou’ve finished the HSC, accepted your Uni offer and ready for independence! Whether you’re moving from the country or just a few suburbs away, there are 5 essential questions you should ask yourself before deciding to move into a share house. While these ingredients may not seem important now, in few months they may make the different to your success and/or happiness at University.  Used together with your “perfect flatmate recipe” you may just find that Uni is one of the best times in your life. Continue reading

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