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Share Accommodation Advertisements – Creating The Perfect Email Reply

Are you ever stuck for words when writing emails? You’re not alone. A lot of people have trouble creating the perfect email when looking for flatmates. They know how important it’s to create the right first impression and just can’t find the right words to put together a well crafted email.

As you’re aware, many advertisements for share accommodation appear and disappear each day. So you can respond quickly to new listings, it’s a good idea to create an email template that you can modify for each advertisement that interests you. A template can be saved in your Templates or Drafts folder of your email program. Alternatively, if you usually email an advertiser using a website’s contact form you can design and save a template in Microsoft Word or Notepad. This lets you produce a carefully planned and thought out email in a stress-free environment that you can send out without any worries.

So, when replying to flatmate advertisements, which elements should you include in your email message template? To attract advertisers to your message you should include 5 key ingredients:

1. Contact Details
These are the most important details to incorporate in your email as it lets the reader know how to contact you. Your message should include your email address and if you feel comfortable, a phone number. When adding your contact information it increases your email’s credibility.

2. Tell Your Story
Your email should include a few sentences that tells the advertiser why you would be the right flatmate. Ideally, you should incorporate into your message the qualities that you possess that are also mentioned in the listing. This shows the reader that you are a great match and a good candidate to interview about becoming a flatmate. It’s important, however, not to over exaggerate but to accurately describe the positive traits that you can bring to the household.

3. Ask Any Unanswered Questions
Asking questions lets you find out more about the advertiser’s share house especially if you are unsure about taking the next step of setting up a meeting or interview. You may wish to ask about room availability, additional expenses or living arrangements.

4. Suggest A Meeting
If you feel the advertiser could be your perfect flatmate, you can suggest a meeting. This should be in a public place like a coffee shop or shopping centre. It lets you show that you are very interested in joining the household and it can save you valuable time if you need to move immediately or potential flatmates are in short supply.

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5. Ask For A Response
Towards the end of your email you should include a sentence asking the advertiser to contact you. It lets the reader know you would like a reply even if they feel you are an unsuitable candidate. This way you can find out where you stand and if necessary, move on and continue your search for your perfect flatmate.

Adding each of these ingredients lets you create a message that introduces you to the reader and helps you set up a meeting that moves you closer to finding a flatmate. As you’ll see, by carefully designing your email template, you’ll no longer be stuck for words when you find an advertisement from someone that could be your perfect flatmate. Find out more how you write a great email reply by reading these top 10 do’s and don’ts for answering flatmate advertisements.

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  1. I love that you just pinpointed something I couldn’t clarify myself, yet was loosely aware of.
    Great blog as usual! Providing insightful and helpful advice which I imagine helps others as much as it does me.

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