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Share Accommodation Advertisements – 5 Essential Ingredients For Creating The Perfect Ad

Does your flatmate advertisement jump out of the page and catch your reader’s attention? If you feel your advertisement doesn’t capture the imagination of potential flatmates, these tips can help you. The key is to design an advertisement that’s a balance between letting people know what kind of flatmate is right for you while showing potential flatmates why you would be their perfect flatmate.

You can attract the right people by including 5 key ingredients in your advertisement. These ingredients let you write a free flowing concise advertisement where the reader can decide straight away if it’s a good idea to contact you. Together with a positive tone, your advertisement will stand out and be remembered even after your potential flatmate has read many advertisements.

The length of your advertisement also plays a vital role in finding the right flatmate. You will need to decide how much space you wish to dedicate to each ingredient without your advertisement becoming too brief or long-winded. The easiest ways to find the right length is by trial and error or asking for a second opinion. Our article on writing flatmate advertisements can help you write the right advertisement for you.

So, what are the 5 key ingredients to include in your advertisement? Let’s take a look and find out more about each one.

1. Rent and Bond
Clearly stating the rent per week, any additional expenses and if a bond needs to be paid lets people decide if they can afford to live with you as a flatmate. Ideally, your advertisement should mention if the rent already includes expenses or whether they’re extra. You can find out more about these costs in our share accommodation expenses article.

2. Residence and Location
In your advertisement you should mention the suburb/town and the type of dwelling you are living in. For readers to get a better picture you should include a brief description of amenities such as the number of bedrooms. You may also wish to list benefits such as Pay TV, internet connection or scenic views.

3. Flatmates
You should mention the number of flatmates that live in your household. It lets potential flatmates know how many people they would be living with and whether it’s suitable for them. This screens out any people who would like to live in a smaller or larger household.

4. Flatmate Ingredients
Your advertisement should state the top 2-3 traits you are looking for in a flatmate, for example, an outgoing female who is a non-smoker. Listing these traits can act as a screening process and indicates to potential flatmates what kind of flatmate is right for you. Check out how you can make your own perfect flatmate recipe in our special article.

5. Local Amenities
It’s important to list local amenities such as local shops, Cafes or transport. This will attract people to your advertisement, as these benefits are often a determining factor when looking for a flatmate. A good example are students who may wish to live near public transport and close to University.

These ingredients let you create an informative advertisement where potential flatmates can learn about your household while finding out which kind of flatmate is right for you. Just remember, by simply adding each essential ingredient to your flatmate advertisement, you too, can capture the eye of your perfect flatmate.

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