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Share Accommodation Advertisements – How To Write The Perfect Ad

Are you staring at a blank page, trying to write your flatmate advertisement? You’re not the only one. It can be hard to get started when you’re not used to writing advertisements and aren’t sure where to begin.

You can create a well-written advertisement by designing a work environment that gets your creative juices flowing. This means setting aside time especially to write your advertisement and creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere where you won’t be disturbed. A relaxed atmosphere without any outside pressures will help your thoughts flow more easily when you have a mental block or are unsure what to write.

So, if you don’t know where to start and keep looking at a blank piece of paper, how do you write the perfect flatmate advertisement? By following some simple guidelines, you’ll soon be able to put pen to paper and create an advertisement that lets you find the right flatmate for you.

1. Create Your Perfect Flatmate Recipe
Before you start writing you should decide which qualities your perfect flatmate should possess. You can use the mental image of your perfect flatmate to help you write an advertisement that attracts the right person. Check out how you can create your own perfect flatmate recipe.

2. Decide On Your Advertisement Content
You will need to decide which information you would like to give out in your advertisement. It’s a good idea to write down this information as it can act as a checklist when creating your share accommodation listing. Your advertisement needs to include the rent and bond, your perfect flatmate ingredients, local amenities as well as information about your home and where it is located. You can find out more about which content to include by reading our flatmate advertisement ingredients article.

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3. Write Your Advertisement
The checklist you created when you decided which information you would like to include in your listing forms the base of your advertisement. When writing your first advertisement you may wish to have a look at share accommodation advertisements written by other people.

4. Proof Read Your Advertisement
After you have finished writing your listing you should check it for spelling, grammar, punctuation and accuracy of information. You should also make sure your advertisement has a positive tone.

5. Revise Your Advertisement
It’s important to read your advertisement after you have made any grammatical changes. Reading your advertisement lets you make sure that it flows smoothly, has correct grammar and obtains all of the necessary information.

6. Ask For A Second Opinion
You may wish to ask a friend or another flatmate to read your advertisement to find out their opinion. They may pick up spelling mistakes or if a piece of information is missing from the advertisement.

7. Revise Your Advertisement As Necessary
After your advertisement is read by another person you may wish to revise and make changes to your listing. There’s no limit to how many times you make changes as long as you are happy with the final outcome.

These 7 steps help stimulate your mind and let you concentrate on the task at hand. They give you a starting point and a path to follow so that you can build your own flatmate advertisement to help you attract the right flatmate. Once you have followed these steps you’ll no longer be staring at a blank piece of paper but well on the way to finding the perfect flatmate for you.

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