Flatmate Advice

Finding your perfect flatmate can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. By following these 11 special tips, you can make searching and choosing flatmates easier and more enjoyable.

Most importantly, whenever you are searching for share accommodation or taking advantage of our tips and hints, make sure you use your own judgement and make decisions that make you happy.

1. Before you start searching for a flatmate you should decide where you would like to live, how much rent you can afford to pay and the qualities of your perfect flatmate.

2. Use a separate email address from your normal address when contacting potential flatmates. Gmail and Yahoo Mail both offer free email services.

3. Set a up journal where you can keep contact details of potential flatmates, keep track of share accommodation interviews and make “to-do” lists.

4. Take a friend along with you when meeting potential flatmates. It’s safer and your friend can provide a second opinion. Check out our flatmate questionnaires which lists questions you could ask!

5. If you are meeting potential flatmates alone, set up a meeting in a public place, like a CafĂ© or pub. You can visit the place where you would be living or show flatmates your home when you feel more comfortable. Our article about choosing flatmates can help you find the flatmate that’s right for you.

6. Make sure you check out the place where you would be living before you move in. If you don’t live in the area you can ask a trusted friend to check out your potential new home. Checking out the home helps you decide if it’s the right one for you and can protect you from falling victim to rental property and share accommodation scams.

7. Do not pay money to secure a property and avoid sending cash by money transfer. These are signs of scams. Find out more about share accommodation scams and the measures that Flatwithme.com.au has put into place to help protect you.

8. Discuss with potential flatmates what each flatmate’s responsibilities will be regarding the lease, rent and household expenses. You can find out more about share accommodation expenses in our article about managing money when living with flatmates.

9.When moving in check the condition of your new room especially if you need to pay a bond. Take pictures and make notes in case a dispute arises when you move out of the room. To make moving in easier, check out our article about moving into share accommodation.

10. Ask for and check references before making your final choice about who you like to be your flatmate. When choosing a flatmate, our article about checking references can help you pick the right flatmate for you.

11. Do not sign anything you do not fully understand. This is especially important when signing leases and legal agreements.