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Flatmate Interviews – Creating The Right First Impression

Have you ever thought about what kind of first impression you are making during your flatmate interview? Whether you realize it or not, every time you talk to a potential flatmate for the first time, you are making a first impression. Just like the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, your first impression during your flatmate interview can tell a thousand words about you.

The first impression you create during your flatmate interview is a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication cues. Verbal communication is what you say, the words you use and your tone of voice while non-verbal communication includes your appearance and body language like eye contact, hand movements and posture. This means, from the clothes you wear and the first words you speak to your handshake and whether you stand up straight, you are creating a first and lasting impression. It can “make or break” you with your potential flatmates either wanting to find out more about you or alternatively them not being able to wait until you leave.

The aim of creating a right first impression is to make potential flatmates want to find out more about you. So, how can you put your best foot forward? It’s as easy as taking a look at the guidelines below, which will help you prepare for your interview so that you can present the right communication cues to your potential flatmates.

1. Plan Your Questions
Decide which questions you would like to ask and what information you would like to give out about yourself. This way you’ll be ready for any unexpected surprises and you be able to give clear and concise answers. To learn which questions you should ask take a look at our flatmate interview questions article.


2. Arrive On Time
Check out and plan how you will get to your flatmate interview. Leave plenty of time for traffic, late public transport and any other unexpected delays. Arriving on time means you care and sends a positive message.

3. Dress To Impress
Make sure you dress in comfortable clothing that puts you at ease and makes you feel relaxed. There’s no need to wear a suit and tie but it’s important to wear clothing that is neat and tidy.

4. Be Positive
Arriving at your interview happy and smiling sets a positive tone which makes your potential flatmates want to get to know you. It shows that you would be enjoyable and easy to live with as a flatmate.

5. Avoid Being Shy
Speaking clearly and concisely makes it easier for people to understand you and portrays self- confidence. Looking people in the eye and taking interest in the conversation will lessen any shyness during your flatmate interview.

6. Be Yourself
During your flatmate interview just be yourself and don’t pretend to have common interests or change your personality so people will like you. It’s usually easy to see when a person is pretending to be someone they are not.

These pointers can help you decide how you would like to present yourself, which in return, builds your self-confidence and lets you present yourself in a positive and confident manner. Just remember, the first impression you make is just like that picture on the wall – it’s worth a thousand words.

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