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Flatmate Food Kitty Calculator

Food Kitty Calculator Mobile ImageEverybody needs to eat! Whether waking up in the morning or coming home late at night, there’s nothing worse than finding the food kitty jar bare. It’s not easy buying groceries each week on a budget. That’s where our new food kitty calculator comes in handy. It lets you

  • Find out the total cost of your food kitty for each week and month
  • Work out the amount each flatmate would need to pay based on the total cost of your food kitty
  • Calculate the percentage that you are spending on each category of your food kitty budget
  • Take in account non-food items such as cleaning products and essential household items

You can even use the calculator to work out different food kitty scenarios. Working out scenarios are especially useful when setting up a share house and are unsure how many flatmates will be moving in and how much food will cost each person.  The calculator can also help you recalculate your budget after food prices or your rent has increased. You just need to change the numbers and the calculator automatically updates. The way you can use this calculator is endless, it’s just up to you to make sure that your food kitty jar doesn’t goes bare.

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