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Share Accommodation Interviews – 20 Housework Questions For Choosing The Right Flatmates

Are you looking for a new household member that has the same idea about housework than you and your flatmates? If you answered yes, your share house will find plenty of company. It’s on the top of the wish list of many households when putting together the qualities of their perfect flatmate.

Your household can find the right person by asking questions during the interview that lets you and your flatmates find out your interviewee’s feelings about housework and their history of performing chores. This lets you decide if a candidate matches the qualities of your perfect flatmate or has similar views towards to housework and completing chores. Asking the same questions at each interview helps you compare each potential flatmate and choose the person that would be most suitable and meet your household’s expectations. Each question that you ask should be designed to find out if you and your flatmates could live with the interviewee’s level of tidiness, cleanliness and hygiene. If you have any doubts during or after the interview, the person is probably not the right flatmate for your share house.

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So, which questions should your household be asking when looking for the right flatmate? Here are 20 questions to help you get the ball rolling.

1.    How do you feel about housework?
2.    Describe the housework routine where you are currently living?
3.    Which chores do you least prefer to do?
4.    Which housework duties do you prefer to do?
5.    How do you feel about chore schedules or rosters?
6.    Have you ever lived in a house with a chore schedule? How did you feel about it?
7.    How do you feel about people who do not keep to the housework roster?
8.    What do you feel is the best method of keeping an apartment or house clean and tidy?
9.    Have you ever had a dispute with a flatmate over housework?
10.  Have you ever asked a flatmate to leave over an issue about housework or cleanliness? Explain the situation.
11.  Have you been asked to leave due to an issue about housework, tidiness or cleanliness? Explain what happened.
12.  If you saw someone was not pulling his or her weight in keeping the apartment or house clean and tidy, what would you
13.  Do you feel housework is a group effort or a responsibility of each individual?
14.  Would you be prepared to pay for a cleaner?
15.  How would you feel about doing housework that you prefer not to do, like cleaning the bathroom?
16.  How often do you undertake housework duties?
17.  Would you be prepared to do another flatmate’s assigned chores when they are unable to complete them, for example, when they are sick?
18.  Have you ever created a household chore roster?
19.  Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid doing housework?
20.  How do you feel about flatmates who make excuses to get out of doing housework?

Whether your share house is looking for a flatmate that is clean and tidy or alternatively just goes with the flow, your household can find a flatmate that has the same idea about housework. It’s as simple as asking the right interview questions to help you find the flatmate that’s perfect for you and your household. To find out which other questions you can ask at your next interview, take a look at these flatmate questionnaires.

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