Flatmate Questionnaires

Asking the right questions can help you find your perfect flatmate. Your flatmate questionnaire should relate to your current situation and give you insight into a person’s living habits, character, personality and their ability to pay the rent.

Here’s a selection of questions you can include in your flatmate questionnaire when interviewing potential flatmates.

Questions for when you are offering a home

1.   Why are you looking for a flat/house to share?
2.   Have you lived with flatmates before?
3.   Do you like to entertain and have friends over?
4.   Do you like to spend a lot of time at home or do you prefer to go out?
5.   What kind of music do you like? Do have any hobbies or play sport?
6.   What are your preferred food arrangements?
7.   What would your ideal living arrangements be?
8.   Do you smoke? Do you like to drink?
9.   How would you contribute to the household?
10.  How do you feel about household chores and rules?
11.  What would you say would be your 3 worst habits?
12.  What furniture would you be bringing?
13.  How long would you intend to live here?
14.  What are your future plans?
15.   How much notice would you need to give before you could move in?
16.  Would you be able to provide references, if needed?

Questions for when you are seeking a home

1.   How many people live here on a permanent and casual basis?
2.   What are the arrangements when flatmates want to entertain or have friends over?
3.   Do the people who live here like to do a lot of entertaining?
4.   Do the people living here, prefer to stay at home or go out?
5.   Does anyone who lives here smoke?
6.   What are the food and shopping arrangements?
7.   How are decisions that affect everyone in the household made?
8.   What are the responsibilities of each person living in the household?
9.   Are there any special household rules?
10.   What expenses make up the rent? Does it include electricity and water?
11.  Are there any other expenses and if so, what are they and how much do they cost?
12.  How often does the rent increase? Why has it increased in the past?
13.  What happens to the bond that gets paid?
14.  Who is responsible for the lease?
15.  Is there any furniture in the room?
16.  When would the room be available?