Choosing Flatmates

20 Flatmate Interview Questions for University Students

Whether you’re seeking freedom and independence or out of necessity, moving can be challenging especially when starting University at the same time. They are both life-changing and we hope ones that you’ll won’t regret. To help you along, we’ve put together 20 interview questions to get you on track to find the right flatmate while at Uni. These questions can you help find out whether people are compatible by sharing the same study habits, values and lifestyle than you. By asking these questions you should be able to find out where you would stand if you decide to move in and become flatmates.

Deciding whether someone is the right flatmate and fit for you depends on how closely they match the ingredients in your “perfect flatmate recipe”. Your “perfect flatmate recipe” outlines the qualities and values that you are seeking in a flatmate or share house. It is a must-have that you should create as a reference guide for yourself before you start searching for a new place to live. The recipe lets you rule people in or out depending on the answers they give or the information you find out during your interview, emails or phone chats.  

So, back to the questions. We have created 20 questions that cover study and living habits, lifestyle and personal interests that you can use to find out more about your new potential flatmates. It’s up to you how many you ask at your interviews. You may find that you might ask only 4 or 5 questions at one interview followed by 10 questions at the next one because you feel you’re not getting the info you need. Just don’t be shy to ask questions. Here are our suggested questions:

  1. Are you are going to Uni to study or to have a good time?
  2. Do you work or planning to get a job as well as go to Uni?
  3. Do you like to cook or prefer to eat out most days?
  4. How do you feel about a food kitty and sharing food?
  5. When friends come over do you prefer to entertain in your room or in the living room?
  6. Are you a morning or night person?
  7. Are you planning to take your lectures and tutorials during the day or at night?
  8. Do you have many friends that go to our Uni?
  9. Are you clean and tidy or messy?
  10. How do you feel about doing chores around the apartment/house?
  11. What’s your worst habit?
  12. Do you or can you study with background noise?
  13. Do you prefer to study at home or in the library?
  14. What Degree are you studying for?
  15. On weekends, are you planning to stay here or go back to your parent’s place?
  16. How do like to enjoy your free time?
  17. Do you like to keep to yourself or share with other flatmates?
  18. What things annoy you the most?
  19. How do you handle any differences you may have with other flatmates?
  20. How do you prefer to organise the payment of shared bills (e.g. electricity, rent)?

We’ve also put together some questions about bills and expenses so you can cover the money side of things during your interview.


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