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Flatmate Moving Tips – Your 14 Point Moving Day Checklist

It’s the night before moving day and your room is filled with packed boxes. The big question is, are you ready for what lies ahead? Moving day is more than moving all of those boxes from one apartment or house to another and saying goodbye to your flatmates.

Moving day is the perfect occasion where plenty of things can and do go wrong especially when you least expect it. When changing flatmates you’ll find there are more loose ends to tie up as you’re moving between two groups of people rather than leaving an empty apartment or house and moving to another one. There will be plenty for you to do including finalizing finances, returning household items, completing a final room inspection and signing appropriate documentation. It’s exhausting just thinking about it! To help you get through your moving day, creating a checklist so that you don’t forget to complete any important tasks can make the difference between success and failure.

So, when moving out your old home and into your new one, which tasks should you make sure are completed on moving day? To help you get started, here is a 14 point checklist that can make your moving day a success.

When moving out, you should make sure that you:

1. Return any household items that you have in your possession to a nominated flatmate
2. Clean your room thoroughly before the final room inspection
3. Attend the final room inspection and make sure that the appropriate documentation is signed
4. Take photos of your room after the final inspection in case of any future disputes
5. Pay outstanding debts and collect any money owed to you including prepaid rent, expenses and bond
6. Receive a signed discharge letter that states the date you moved out, monies paid and received, results of your final room inspection and the items returned including keys to the nominated flatmate, landlord or real estate agent
7. Give all household keys in your possession to the nominated flatmate, landlord or real estate agent

On the way and after arriving at your new home, you should:

1. Confirm with your new flatmates the time you will be arriving and moving in
2. Buy any grocery items you may need for the first few days
3. Ensure you have enough money to pay for the moving van if you have hired one
4. Pick up the keys to your new home from the landlord, real estate agent or nominated flatmate
5. Before unpacking, take photos of your room, make notes of any damages and sign any room condition reports
6. Make a copy and return any signed documents to the nominated flatmate, landlord or real estate agent
7. Return the moving van and any other equipment you have hired

As each time you move is different, simply add any extra tasks you need complete to this checklist template and you can create your own unique moving day checklist. You’ll no longer need to sit on your bed the night before moving day, wondering if you can answer that big question as you’ll know you’re ready as you can be for moving day.

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