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Organising a Secret Santa for Your Share House

Planning a Secret Santa with your flatmates is a great way for your share house to get into the Christmas spirit. It gives you the opportunity to swap presents and celebrate Christmas especially if everyone is going their separate ways over the holiday period.

So, what’s involved and how do you get started? Organising a Secret Santa with your flatmates is as easy as these 4 steps:

  1. Decide How Much to Spend

ID10055263giftAs a group you will need to decide the maximum that each flatmate should spend on a gift. It should be an amount that each person can afford to spend and is usually around $10.00-$15.00. Just remember, if your household decides on a very small dollar amount to spend, like $5.00, it will be more difficult to find a present that would be suitable for another flatmate. After all, the idea behind the concept is to buy a small inexpensive gift that the receiver would like.

  1. Set a Date

Time to get out the Diary! The saying “giving is receiving” plays an important part in this step. The selected date and time should be one where all flatmates are available and does not interfere with any other commitments. It should be far enough in advance to give everyone enough time to buy a present but not so far away so that people forget or it clashes with other obligations.

  1. Draw Names from a Hat

This simply consists of writing each person’s name on a gift tag or label. You can download free printable gift tags from These gift tags or labels can be attached by string or glue onto the present. Each gift tag/label should be placed in a bowl or container and each person takes a turn to draw out a name without looking. The name selected by each person is the name of the flatmate for which they will buy a present. Once drawn, gift tags should not be shown to other flatmates or swapped.

  1. Swap Presents

secret-santa-giftsExchanging gifts doesn’t need to be dull, boring or full of apprehension. As a part of this final step, your share house or flatshare may like to organise a small party, barbeque, special dinner/lunch or a lazy afternoon get-together. It lets everyone get into the Christmas spirit, catch-up with each other and wind down after a long year. Whether your share house consists of two, three or five flatmates, it’s a great chance to relax, sit back and celebrate.

While organising and participating in a Secret Santa may take some time and effort on the part of all flatmates, it can be fun and rewarding way to celebrate Christmas together. We hope it brings the spirit of Christmas to your share house and wish you and your flatmates, a Merry Christmas!

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