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Using Photos to Create Great Flatmate Ads

Over the past few years we’ve noticed that photos are one of the most under-utilised features of flatmate listings. Many people don’t seem to realise their importance and how images are used in their ad impacts their success in finding a flatmate. Photos can in one way be seen as the ultimate first impression. Most people have heard of the saying “a picture tell a thousand words” and this is no truer than with share ads.

Photos that have a positive impact and help a share listing stand out from the crowd have a common set of traits. They let readers get a sense of what it would be like to live in a particular share house or a group of flatmates and give the advertisement its “feel”.  It is important to remember that images are usually the first thing that captures the reader’s eye. This is especially true on the search page where they can be the determining factor on whether the reader decides view the full listing or contact the advertiser.

So, what kind of images attract potential flatmates to a listing? Photos that help share accommodation ads stand out from the crowd tend to:

  • Be high quality professional looking images without the glossy “real estate” feel. Using online photo editors and apps like pixlr and fotor can help you create down-to-earth professional looking photos.
  • Clearly show the entire room on offer with any included furniture. If it is difficult to accurately photograph the room, adding a piece of furniture, like a chair, can help readers get a better idea of the room’s size.  You may wish to add a disclaimer clarifying whether the displayed piece of furniture is included with the room.
  • Only show people that are current flatmates in the share house or flatshare
  • Give potential flatmates a general idea of the vibe of the share house. You can achieve this by including photos of your living areas and general activities of your share house, e.g. entertaining, having a coffee on the weekend.
  • Complement advertisement’s title, text and video. Our article about writing flatmate advertisements can help you create a listing that ties your ad’s title, text, video and photos together.
  • Accurately reflects the share house positively and honestly without any extra bells or whistles.
  • Tell a story that lets readers find out the “what, where and who” of the share house/flat share or the qualities of the right flatmate.

Taking the time to create and add the right photos to a share ad can make the difference between finding a great flatmate or even one at all. Just remember, there’s only one chance to make a first impression and stand out from the crowd.

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