If you're looking for share accommodation tips, tricks and special hints, take a look at these articles. Each article is full of practical advice about finding, moving in or living with flatmates.

Finding Flatmates

These articles are full of great tips from deciding what kind of flatmate is right for you to writing the perfect flatmate advertisement.

How To Find The Perfect Flatmates

Find out the secret to finding the flatmates that are right for you. It's not as hard as you think and you will soon discover it's as easy as the old saying "ask and you shall receive".

10 Essential Ingredients For Finding The Perfect Flatmates

Discover how you can find the right flatmate for you by creating your own "perfect flatmate recipe". Simply stir in each ingredient and you'll soon be able to describe your perfect flamate in 30 seconds or less.

Share Accommodation Advertisements - How To Write The Perfect Ad

Learn how you can write the perfect advertisement to find the flatmate that's right for you. By following 7 simple steps, you'll no longer will be staring at a blank piece of paper but at your own share accommodation advertisement.

Share Accommodation Advertisements - 5 Essential Ingredients For Creating The Perfect Ad

Check out how your flatmate advertisement can stand out from the crowd. It's as easy as adding 5 essential ingredients so that your perfect flatmate can find you.

Share Accommodation Advertisements - Creating The Perfect Email Reply

Take a look how you can create the perfect email when answering share accommodation advertisements. By adding 5 key ingredients, you'll soon find out you won't be stuck for words again.

Flatmate Advertisements - Making A Great Impression When Replying By Phone

Find out the secret to making a great impression each time you pick up the phone to answer a share accommodation advertisement. As you'll see, by taking 5 simple steps you won't need to worry about getting tongue-tied or making blunders again.

Share Accommodation Advertisements - The Top 10 Do's and Don'ts For Answering Flatmate Advertisements

Discover how you can secure that elusive interview when replying to share accommodation advertisements. As you'll find out, it's as easy as taking advantage of 10 simple tips that let you put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd.

Flatmate Interviews

By following the simple tips outlined in these articles, you'll never feel anxious again about flatmate interviews.

Flatmate Interviews – Which Questions Should You Ask To Find The Perfect Flatmate

Find out which questions you should be asking during your flatmate interviews. Simply follow 3 easy steps and you'll never have to worry again about being unsure which questions to ask.

Flatmate Interviews - Creating The Right First Impression

Learn how your first impression is just like the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". Find out how you too can make the right first impression during your flatmate interview.

Flatmate Interviews - Planning Interviews In 8 Easy Steps

Discover the 8 steps you need to follow when planning share accommodation interviews. As you'll soon learn, you'll never need to feel overwhelmed about interviewing flatmates again.

Flatmate Interviews - 15 Finance Questions Every Household Should Be Asking

Check out how the saying "you'll never know unless you ask" can come in handy when looking for a flatmate that will pay the rent on time. By asking each of these 15 questions, you'll find out if your potential flatmate is the right one for you.

Share Accommodation Interviews - 20 Housework Questions For Choosing The Right Flatmates

Check out which questions your share house should be asking about housework and chores during flatmate interviews. By asking the right questions, you'll soon see that you can find a flatmate that has the same idea about housework than you and your household.

Share Accommodation Interviews - 20 Lifestyle Questions For Finding The Perfect Flatmate

Find out the questions your household should be asking to choose a flatmate that doesn't make everyone want to tear their hair out. As you'll see, by taking advantage of these 20 questions, you too, can find the perfect flatmate for your share house.

Choosing Flatmates

Whether you wish to find out more about checking references or are looking for the perfect way to select your next flatmate, these articles can help you.

How To Choose The Right Flatmates

Take a look at how you can choose the flatmates that are right for you. It's just a matter of following some simple guidelines and doing a bit of preparation.

Selecting Flatmates - Your 6 Step Selection Guide

Take a look how you can select your perfect flatmate from all those phone messages piling up on your answering machine. As you'll find out it's as easy as following 6 simple steps and creating a plan that's right for you.

Selecting Flatmates - How To Check References

Discover the secret to checking references before your perfect flatmate moves in. By taking advantage of each tip, you too, will be able to decide if your chosen flatmate is right for you or has any hidden surprises in store.

Moving In With Flatmates

Moving can be stressful but after reading these handy articles, moving in with your new flatmates will be a breeze.

10 Essential Ingredients For Setting Up The Perfect Share House

Check out how you can create the perfect home when living with flatmates. By adding your own perfect touch and each essential ingredient, you'll soon realise it's a bit like baking the perfect cake.

10 Top Tips To Remember When Moving Into Share Accommodation

Discover how moving in with flatmates is about taking a look at the "big picture'. Simply take these 10 simple tips and tricks and you too will find moving in with your flatmates a breeze.

Moving Out Of Share Accommodation

Whether your household has asked a flatmate to leave or you're ready to move into a new home, these great articles will make moving day less overwhelming.

Flatmate Moving Tips – An 8 Step Plan That Makes Moving Out Easier

Find out the key to successfully moving out when living with flatmates. As you'll see, the old saying "you reap what you sow" can make your moving day seem like a breeze.

Flatmate Moving Tips – A 7 Step Guide For Asking A Flatmate To Leave

Take a look at this 7 step guide that can help you and your household when asking a flatmate to leave. As you follow each step, your household can make sure it's ready for moving day.

Flatmate Moving Tips – Your 14 Point Moving Day Checklist

Check out this 14 point checklist that can make your moving day a success. Whether you're moving in with flatmates or moving out of an existing share house, this checklist will help you make your next moving day easier.

Flatmate Finances

When you're trying to juggle your budget, manage your expenses or solve disputes, take a look at these articles.

Flatmate Finances - How To Budget Your Money Better

Find out how you can take control of your finances when living with flatmates. By following some simple guidelines you won't need to worry about your budget or unexpected expenses again.

Flatmate Finances - Your Guide To Paying Flatmate Expenses

Check out how you can gain control over your flatmate finances. Simply follow 5 simple steps and you'll discover that paying your share accommodation expenses will no longer be a challenge.

Flatmate Finances - Managing Your Share Accommodation Expenses

Discover the key to managing and paying your expenses when living with flatmates. By unlocking the secret, you'll no longer worry about that old saying "money doesn't grow on trees".

Flatmate Finances - A Guide To Solving Disputes Over Share Accommodation Expenses

Learn how you and your flatmates can solve issues about household finances. By following a simple 5 step process you'll be able to find solutions to small and large disputes over money and share house expenses.

Flatmate Finances - 10 Tips For Managing Share House Expenses

Check out these 10 tips that will let you and your flatmates manage your finances more easily. As you'll discover, you will never need to worry about "for better or worse, for richer or poorer" again.

Flatmate Finances - 10 Tips For Managing Your Living Expenses

Learn how you can put your money back into your pocket when living with flatmates. As you'll find out it's as easy as taking these 10 tips and creating a strategy that works for you.

Flatmate Disputes

Regardless the type of disagreement you are trying to solve, these articles will help you find the right solution for your household.

Flatmate Disputes - A 5 Step Guide To Solving Housework Disagreements

Find out the 5 steps your household can follow to solve housekeeping disagreements. As you'll discover even the flatmate whose "idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance" will help you keep your home clean and tidy.

Flatmate Disputes - Your 5 Step Guide To Solving Disagreements About Personal Possessions

Learn the way to successfully solve disagreements about personal possessions when living in share accommodation. After following each step, you'll never need to think about nailing your belongings to the floor again.

Sharing Housework and Chores With Flatmates

The tips and hints in these articles can help make sharing housework with flatmates easier and more manageable.

Living With Flatmates - Creating The Perfect Housework Chore Schedule

Learn how you and your flatmates can create a housework roster in 5 easy steps. As you'll discover, by designing the chore schedule that's right for your share house, you'll have plenty of spare time to enjoy the activities you wish to do.

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