Share Accommodation Calculators

These great share accommodation calculators can make living with flatmates even easier. Together with our large range of posts, you’ll be able to keep your finances on track.

Share Accommodation Expenses Calculator

With a click of a button, you can find out your total expenses for your share house each week or month and how much each flatmate needs to pay.

Share Accommodation Expenses Comparison Calculator

Find out how much bond your household and each flatmate will need to pay when moving in together.

Share Accommodation Bond Calculator

Discover which share accommodation arrangements work best for you and your flatmates. Simply type in your expenses and the number of flatmates to find out which option will save your household the most money.

Share Accommodation Food Kitty Calculator

Work out your weekly food kitty budget for your share house. Just type in the amount you would like to spend for each category and the number of flatmates to calculate the cost that each flatmate will need to pay .