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Share Accommodation Newsletters

share accommodation newsletters mobile friendly

We are proud to announce that our share accommodation newsletters can now be viewed across all devices – mobile, tablet and computer. Each newsletter is focused on one topic area related to finding or living with flatmates. Our share accommodation newsletters let readers access valuable resources and information about:

  • Finding and choosing flatmates
  • Flatmate finances and budgeting
  • Share house advertisements
  • Solving disputes between flatmates
  • Day-to-day living with flatmates
  • Moving in and out of share accommodation

Each newsletter also gives readers the opportunity to voice their opinions by taking part in our exclusive polls related to that newsletter. In addition, readers will find:

  • Links to relevant  share accommodation articles and resources
  • Exclusive tips  that can only be found in our newsletters
  • Answers to commonly asked question or problems

We hope that visitors continue to find our share accommodation newsletters an invaluable resource when living and looking for flatmates.

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